Public Art

The maze as an art form brings particular creative constraints as well as strengths. Adrian's mastery of maze design gives him a unique approach when creating public and private art.

 Inspired by the leitmotif of 'waves' of successive lines of paths and barriers, he creates powerful designs in print, ceramics, metalwork and tapestry, as well as the external facades of buildings, both as tiling patterns and even the entire structural form.

With his idiosyncratic eye for geometry, Adrian has invented a range of tessellations, tilings and patterns, as the basis for his vertical mosaic murals, stained glass, and horizontal decorative paving. The art of colour and form are enhanced by the individual shapes within each pattern.





"Adrian Fisher is a creative thinker beyond compare - intelligent, stylish, visionary – whether dreaming up new designs for grand labyrinths and mazes or discovering innovative tilings. Anyone engaging Adrian's wit and brilliance on behalf of a project of their own will find all their expectations exceeded."

Kate Jones, President, Kadon Enterprises, Inc, USA

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