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In January, Adrian was invited by a Chinese client to visit a selection of locations around China for new attractions. He travelled with our project manager Esme Jesudason and research graduate Alexandre Benoist who are both based in Singapore. The trip began and ended with meetings in Beijing, from where we visited the Great Wall. Internal aircraft flights and trips on Chinese bullet trains (really smooth at 305 kph!) took us around the country, including visits to the cities of Hunan and Heng Yang. One particular highlight was travelling to the top of sacred Mount Heng by bus and then cable car until we got above the snow line, seeing temples and visiting a Buddhist monastery. Cable car journeys in China are not for the faint-hearted; a single span went for over 1000 metres across a valley, some 200 metres above the valley floor, and was only opened to us when the wind speed had reduced!

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