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  • Hedge Mazes

    Hedge mazes evolved from the knot gardens of Renaissance Europe, originally being intended not to confuse… Read More
  • Panel Mazes

    Our Panel Mazes of wooden fencing are the world's most ambitious, with multi-level bridges and towers… Read More
  • Water Mazes

    Water is always fascinating in the landscape. There are many ways of combining water with fun… Read More
  • Maize Mazes

    Adrian Fisher designed the world's first cornfield Maize Maze in 1993. He has designed hundreds since... Read More
  • Pop Up Mazes

    Own your own Adrian Fisher Maze! Our Pop Up Inflatable Mazes are ideal for parties and events. Read More
  • Paving Mazes

    A maze is just as effective when created as paving in two dimensions to be walked upon Read More
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"There are lots of people who design mazes, but there's only one man who's considered the Michael Jordan of maze design - a British fellow named Adrian Fisher.

Washington Post

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